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Orlando Fashion Square [Renovation in Progress]


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3 hours ago, JFW657 said:

Don't know if anyone remembers them, but back in the 90's there was a chain of medium sized home improvement/hardware stores around here, called White Rose. There was one in The Crossings at the corner of Lancaster and SOBT, and one on Semoran just south of Curry Ford where Aldi's and a Bright House office is now.

Orchard Supply sounds like it might be something along the lines of that. 

Nice looking stores, though...



I'm so so scared for that little ACE Hardware on Coy and Colonial now, and I hate to see that Sears go.   I really wish ACE had made that move into the old Winn-Dixie now.

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They haven't announced which stores, but you seriously have to think the Fashion Square Mall store is in the mix.

Macy's folks are closing 100 out of 700-ish stores.  That's a lot of stores.




As a sidebar, has anyone else been in this store and noticed the awful smells?  It smells like moldy gym socks in there.

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Closing 1/7th of your stores and you can almost guarantee Fashion Square Macy's has to be on the chopping block.  My understanding with Sears is that the management at the store level didn't even know they were going to close, and were in the process of doing some updates to the store.  I'll be there on Aug 26th to see if I can pick up some discount tools.

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Orchard is planning to go between Miller and Indiana west of 17/92, across Miller from KK


I would bet Macy's at Fla Mall and Millennia stay open.  Volusia Mall location also may close.


will they ever begin building that hotel at the mall?

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Macy's may own the building, but not the land underlying.  If I'm not mistaken, all of this area is on a long-term ground lease with the Maguire family.

Edit: It's typical for retail landlords to pass-through certain expenses to the tenants or be reimbursed.  That's why the tax bill is being mailed to Macy's in Ohio.

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1 hour ago, Jernigan said:

phase 2 is 133 apartments to the west of the existing garage.

If this project and the Alexan at Audubon apartments actually come to fruition, we'd have 133 apartments + 365 apartments = 498 new units around the mall. Not to mention the Elan Audubon Park apartments under construction now behind Target, which would be another 450 units for a total of 948 multi-family units. That could easily be 1,500 new residents in that area. 

I don't know if that's enough to save the mall, since malls are regional in nature. But 1,500 new residents around the mall plus more from the four recently completed or under construction projects in Baldwin Park are a big deal. At some point we'll need more transportation options for that area. 

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5 minutes ago, jgardnerucf said:

The removal of all the oaks along colonial and maguire are a damn shame. Very sad.

I wasn't expecting that, but now that I'm hearing about it, I'm not surprised either.

Guess the new retail tenants don't want the wonderful view of their beautiful storefronts and signage obscured. Even if it's by venerable old oak trees that have graced and shaded that area for decades.

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