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French Fort Neighborhood

James Owen

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A new website is online that details the history as well as redevelopment plans for the French Fort neighborhood near Downtown Memphis just south of the I-55, Frisco, and Harahan Bridges.




The proposed Master Plan for the area includes the redevelopment of the old Marine Hospital as well as new mixed-use, residential and hotel opportunities totaling $150 million. The entire project is tentative with proposed Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district designation along with TDOT's reconstruction of the I-55 & Crump Boulevard interchange that will include new roundabout access to the neighborhood via an extension of Alston Avenue.


Memphis Daily News story:


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I'm just now researching this project, it sounds like a nice way along with TDOT's new traffic circle and redesign of the I-55 interchange to reconnect and urbanize the area around south downtown.




This is about the I-55 redesign:



But the pics at the bottom have an outline of the project.

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