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Anyone think an indoor ski resort would do well in Orlando?

Pete C

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We have seen a few of these around the world (Ski Dubai being the most incredible), but so far there isn't a single one in America. A few had been planned before the recession, but since then they have all fallen through. If someone wanted to bring a whole new demographic to Orlando, an indoor ski resort would be one way to do it. I think Las Vegas would probably be a better match for that demographic, but how well do you think one would do here? If a developer with deep pockets built something world class, I think it would be a magnet for skiiers in the summer and bring in major tourism dollars.

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One was proposed for the Cypress Gardens area before Legoland bought it.

An outdoor one was proposed for the Orlando Thrill Park property south of Festival Bay but I believe that's dead as well now.

Wanda is building a nice one in China right now. It includes a ski lodge, chapel and themed restaurant.

If the one hear had stuff like that I believe it would do well. Maybe attach it to a large hotel, like Gaylord Palms. I think just a slope by itself wouldn't be enough to attract people. Maybe have a kids park, a Santa meet and greet or live animals. Just something to plus it.

But overall yeah I believe one would do good here. I've actually been waiting for one.

I was talking with a friend just the other day about how that's one of the last remaining attractions we're missing.

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