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Gaia House Closing?


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I'm not surprised. I always wondered how they stayed in business as long as they did.  The place was pretty empty the one time I went there although part of the answer appeared that they kept their expenses low.  Maybe there just isn't' room for two vegan restaurants in town.

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More details on their FB wall. https://www.facebook.com/GaiaCafeGR?rf=458677810839945


As of next Sunday, August 31st, Gaia cafe will be shutting it's [sic] doors due to ownerships personal endeavors...but there is a way to help keep Gaia's doors open! Please stay connected and updated on future plans to help, via Gaia Facebook page. We will be shooting a video tomorrow at 2:30 to raise awareness and donations towards the #savegaiacafe Kickstarter campaign. We would love to see all of our Gaia family! We need any help we can get.


"the concern is not of a 'sustainable buisness plan', in fact, business is thriving. Ownership invested in personal endeavours, as we mentioned, that fell through. Hence why we are trying to get new ownership."

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why not just try and sell the business or find someone to take it over.  I thought that kickstarter campaigns were to raise money.  It seems odd to me that there would need to be a fund raiser for a profitable business.  just sayin'


Exactly, they should be transparent as to what is really going on. If business is not really "thriving" it would be disengenous to get the community involved in fundraiser to save a failing business so that it can sold to the next sucker who comes along.


I've eaten there twice, because that's where someone else wanted to eat.

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Kickstarter is really strict as to what you can raise money for, and I don't think facing a restaurant is one of those that they will be too keen on.

Gaia's time has just honest come and gone. It's been there for about twenty years and there are just better options.


Yes, kickstarter is not a substitute for a bad business plan. I agree. Last time I was there, the tables were all dirty, you had to get your own drink (even though there are servers there), and the service was terrible. Seriously it took an hour to get served lunch. I'd much rather eat at Bartertown.

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