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Here is a test.

Green is U/C

Blue is Proposed

Yellow is Concept



let me know if it works


I decided to use the centerplan/leyland alliance info for the DoNo area because it was more detailed.   It can be changes whenever moew info becomes available.


anything omitted?  anything need changing?

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changing colors is pretty easy.

I welcome the feedback.


I likely pick it back up one day soon here when im not too busy(they are rare)


Ill try and set up a few of the parcels the way I want em with links to the topics and renderings and some info.  ask for feed back on that layout and go from there


I also want to better color code things an maybe put things in different layers.

who knows Im just scratching the surface here.



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I added a few more things and some details to a few projects.


I also added a new color, Purple  this would be the complete category.  some of the purple stuff is not really complete, it is open for leaving like 777 Main which had had 12 move ins, but development is still under way


same thing for the colt armory


in some cases Im trying to add links to articles and maybe even rendering

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