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William Liobo

Moving to Lansing

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Hello all. My wife and I might be moving to the Lansing area in the next 6-9 months and I wanted to get a fresh view on the areas to live in and those to avoid.

We will have 3 young children and have a home budget maxing out around $175k. Need a nice safe neighborhood with good schools.

Any help is appreciated.

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hood    1

There's no easy rule as to where to live, especially in your price range. If I had a family I would probably choose to live in one of the older neighborhoods of East Lansing, if I was being really picky I'd narrow it to the are bounded by Harrison, Grand River, Michigan and Ranney Park. Other than that there are many subdivisions on all sides of the city that offer homes in your price range.


If you respond with anything more specific that your looking for regarding schools or the type of neighborhood/community you'd like to live in I'd be happy to try to narrow down your search. Also, do you have a preference for newer or older homes?

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