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CLT - rumors, official announcements, and speculation re: changes in carriers, destinations, and frequency to/from CLT (+other airports of interest)


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So I think I remember hearing a few months ago that it might be a good idea to start a new discussion to cover certain air carrier service-level issues at Charlotte-Douglas.  Stuff like: this or that carrier will or will not continue/start/stop service at CLT to other destinations.  So, please, talk amongst yourselves.  I'll give you a topic:


Someone heard that AA/US may or may not eliminate some or all it's year-round or seasonal service from CLT to europe, latin america, and/or the midwest.  




And I sincerely hope that we can steer that sort of discussion here, and leave the other CLT expansion thread for topics more directly related to actual expansion projects that are actually in the works.  

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Do you realize how little actually happens regarding just that topic though?  It's just easier to have it in  one thread imho.  Maybe a mod could go through and delete posts are ranting/ repetitive.  Speculation happens in many of the threads on the main board, It's just in a language that the general public understands, unlike some of the aviation speculation.


At the very least route announcements good or bad deserve to be on the main board. 

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I hear you.  I probably have assumed that those posts occur more frequently than they actually do, yet I swear that when they do hit, things get really wound up over what is, at the end of the day, not very many flights.  

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