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Newport Plaza at Park Place (NEW!)


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"City Council has approved Newport Plaza, a $6M project by The Hanson Company. The project will be located at the southwest corner of West 35th Street and Newport Avenue. 
It will include a new 5,000 square foot Croaker’s Spot eatery, 52 new dwelling units and parking.  The former theater will be converted into an entertainment establishment.  Council voted to change zoning and enter into a sale agreement and development contract during the Council retreat this morning."
This will be incredible for Park Place! The 35th Street Better Block showed that this area really does have a lot of potential. 
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It's cool Croaker Spot is entering the market down there. It is an incredibly popular (and yummy) restaurant.

I like it when local businesses grow and move into other areas of the state (your Plaza Aztecas are all over Richmond, Richmond's Burger Bach is going into NoVa, Charlottesville's Christian's Pizza has come to Richmond etc.). It connects us in that we can share more common experiences. It fosters a stronger state identity.

It's also nice to see redevelopment spread thought the city. I got a big crush on Norfolk working down there this summer. Things are looking great!

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