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Parks, Green Spaces, and Nature Trails


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I couldn't find a topic like this in the forum, and with new initiatives looking at these things, I thought there should be one.


Really I wanted to notice that Joe Kittinger Park by the Executive Airport is closed. Looking quickly as I drove by there was mention of the F-4 Memorial. I guess they are starting work on that? The rendering shows it ala in flight pretty high up. easily visible from the East-West, but no hint on how orientated.


This little park is so strange to me, most of it a double fenced path because it surrounds a storm water pond that is mostly dry all the time yet no fence on the Lake Underhill shoreline. Pity it's so hard to connect with the Lake Underhill Park fitness trail, 

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I noticed that MoviEola is moving back over to the Walt Disney Amphitheater for the holidays, which I'm glad to see. Lately the bandshell has been nothing more than a chained off empty space whose seats the transient folks eye longingly. Use it or lose it!


I've also noticed the City investing in lights to go along with their outsourced Christmas decorations (when they initially replaced the OUC green trees on the light poles, they went cheap and went for unlit decorations. 


There are also two "light tunnels" along the Eola pathways this year - I'm looking forward to seeing those lit up as well.

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The Amphitheater has something going on every weekend this month. But I've listed that venue's many problems before. The space does need to be redesigned, with thought given to being able to actually use the space. But what that use should be decision should be discussed before any talk of redesigning starts. The problems of a City owned/run performance space. 

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Downtown has stepped up their decorating game this year. There's lots of lights and decorations down orange from church to Anderson and in the 55 W plaza


Yep, and there is more lighting around Lake Eola as well. They now have tunnels of lights like Crane's Roost has had for years. I don't remember Lake Eola having these last year, but I could be mistaken. Nothing was lit yet, so I guess they are not quite done prepping yet.

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