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Lady Celeste

Emory University Hospital - An Atlanta Jewel

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Emory in the front and center in the fight against Ebola in the United States.



Lately, Emory University and its amazingly capable hospital have been in the news for the wonderful work that has been done in the treatment of that dreadful Ebola virus. In Liberia it now has a 70% mortality rate. Today we are now learning that the second nurse to be effected with the Ebola virus at the Dallas hospital will be transferred to the Emory to seek treatment. She will be the fourth patient to be cured of the dastardly illness.


Sited next to the Centers for Disease Control on Clifton Road, Emory has long been instrumental in the research and prevention of contagious/infectious diseases. Oftentimes we overlook some of our greatest treasures. Emory Hospital has been in existence since 1904. It is a teaching and research hospital and connected directly to Emory University. For anyone who has had a personal experience with Emory will know that it has long been an institution of excellence.


I am very proud of Emory University and how well it has performed in helping the US with the Ebola outbreak.


Emory is now turning into an Atlanta Ambassador. I read papers from around the world daily. To see Emory and Atlanta lauded around the world does a great deal towards increasing the international clout of Emory, the hospital and Atlanta. On August 02, 2014, a very ill Kent Brantley arrived at Emory for treatment. Since then two more patients have come for treatment. Now an additional patient is currently on the way. Their successful treatment has keep Atlanta in the international news for more than a month.


How proud ALL of Atlanta and the United States should be of Emory University Hospital. It is a jewel in Atlanta's crown. My thoughts and prayers are with all those stricken by this deadly disease. We will conquer this!

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