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Recent Modernist Architecture in Downtown Raleigh

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The old architecture thread was archived, so I figured I'd just post some observations in a new thread...notably that there is a relative recent explosion of modernist architecture downtown. Here's my list of stuff from the last few years or so....

Well, it was sort of reignited by the AIA headquarters on Peace. 

Then a huge mansion-esque home facing Edenton

Then the Cherry house in Oakwood

Then the Eden'twins' next to the other house on Edenton

Then the The Ten at South Person

And now it looks like at least three more all facing New Bern near the Edentwins. 


Thats a lot of new modernist stuff all at once (17 not counting AIA), and it sort of moves things in a west coast direction based on some of my observations out there recently. Anyway, the architectural paradigm seems to be uncoiling around here a little bit...


Hey InitialD....any interest in getting a set of pictures of these? Two are only foundations but should be framing shortly...also not sure the status of The Ten

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I'm actually quite happy to see an influx of modernist architecture in Raleigh. It beats having a bunch of designs that exude nostalgia for days gone by (i.e. Bloomsbury Estates).


Raleigh developers need to think big, bold, and towards the future.

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