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Publix could debut new small prototype store in Charlotte

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spenser1058    836

Tampa Bay Business Journal is reporting that Publix' long-rumored urban prototype may be announced soon for Charlotte, NC. If true, this bodes well for another downtown store on the north side, whether it be in the Creative Village, the Sentinel block or the NORA area.


As many residents of Uptown have stated, the Eola Publix is not conducive to walking and a smaller second version may be just the ticket. Look for Publix to begin removing more packaged goods while increasing deli, bakery and produce space and  doing much more in ready-to-serve foods.


It's pretty much a win-win for everyone except those in the frozen foods and canned goods businesses (which are increasingly being ignored by Millennials).

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orlandoguy    77

Cool, cool. Is there or will there be any retail space of this size in the newest Uptown developments? I can't remember what Nora has planned for retail at the moment.

If not, I guess it's up to the Sevens or CV, as you mentioned. What a great fit for that area.

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