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This version of the project has been around for a year or so. There is an older version that got no media attention because its site plan was submitted right when the 2008 crash was starting and it quietly went dormant. I have mixed feelings about this incarnation.

The architecture is indeed different and that is good. Pseudo modernist, in line with the current movement downtown.

The scale is good. This area needs to be low to mid rise and this accomplishes that. 

I am not sure though there is enough demand for this price point (750,000-1.4M) downtown even though he presold 4.

I am not sure this price point would sell near Glenwood even if other parts of downtown regularly saw sales in this range. The fact that it's been reduced from 49 to 17 units may be indicative the developer gradually realizing this (I realize some of this is the combining of smaller cheaper units into fewer larger ones. 

Even though this is half infill, half tear down, if these do sell, at that price it puts pressure on the rest of this historic area's fabric for future tear downs. 

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