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It's not terrible. When you look at it from its narrow sides, it looks OK. But...


Straight on, it's rather boxy. And contrary to the film "Arthur," boxy isn't always good.


And what's with the sad, drab gray?


Finally, the design just has a "been there, done that" look to it. Nothing new or interesting (save for the color of the crown).

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Seems like the ratio of surface area occupied to usable space is deceptively low here. It could occupy a fraction of the space it does with a little added height? Why sit a (rather short) tower on top of a massive parking deck?


I hate this thing: 




Looks like the building's bones are showing. 

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Meh, I don't mind it.  I realize I don't have to love everything that gets put up.  It's not going to be a centerpiece of the skyline or  tremendously visible from the I4 gateway like the proposed hotel by Chruch St Station.  I'm just happy to see some more high rise density in the core - especially one that already has a cornerstone tenant (the club).

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It's a City garage so I'm sure they tried to work something out with them.  I was thinking about that exact issue when I looked at the rendering.

I recall Tradition Towers was buying the air rights over the parking garage 6 or 7 years ago for several hundred thousand dollars.

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The Daily City is live tweeting from MPB.   Modera just passed.  Some comments from the tweets:

- City Transportation said garage won't affect traffic congestion...crowd had verbal reaction

- citizen said U Club has history of racism and that the building is as ugly as the history of the club 

- parking garage is point of contention - U Club would get their own entrance and own valet/drop off spot


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