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Skyplex | Observation Tower/'Polercoaster' [Proposed]


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- $250 million indoor entertainment complex called Skyplex at International Drive & Sand Lake Road.

- Tallest structure in Orlando-- observation level at 535-feet.

- Will include the world's tallest roller coaster, a 'polercoaster' named Skyscraper.

- Skyscraper, designed by US Thrill Rides, will be 500-feet tall, approximately 5,200-feet long and will reach speeds up to 65mph.

- Groundbreaking in 2015, completion expected in 2017.



Video Model of Skyplex & POV of Skyscraper


Skyplex Official Web Site

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Proposals have been submitted to the FAA which indicate that Skyplex would be 700-feet tall and the tower cranes that would assemble it would reach heights up to 810-feet. These aren't above mean sea level numbers (AMSL), either. The cases note that the elevation of the site is 123-feet so Skyplex's AMSL height is listed as 823-feet.


The cases also indicate that construction would begin in April 2015 and commence in October 2017, while the tower cranes would come down by October 2016. This means we could have our next tallest building in less than 2 years. Pretty exciting stuff!


Here are a couple of screenshots of the proposals submitted to the FAA, which can be viewed on their official web site here.





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Observation deck at 535', so I guess an antenna mast making up the rest of the 700'? Or will it be considered a spire? The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat doesn't count antennae in the height of the buildings but spires they do.


Space Needle: Top Floor: 518', overall height with spire: 605'.

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I'm a little skeptical as to whether this will actually be built but if it does, I definitely see it becoming a symbol of Orlando, at least until a bigger one is constructed somewhere else. Being home to the world's tallest roller coaster would already be a big deal for Orlando but to have it affixed to the side of what would be the tallest building in the region in such a highly visible location (as opposed to being tucked away in Disney) would be huge. Every B-roll clip of Orlando will feature this thing as if it's Central Florida's Eiffel Tower. I just hope that the final design of the tower is a bit sleeker and more refined.

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The coaster won't go over I-drive...that is just an optical illusion from looking at a 3/4 perspective toward that end of the ride on a 2D image. It is actually going up at that point in the ride, but the perspective makes it look like it is going out. Look at the pic above that one.

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