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To the moderaters of this forum- you won't hurt my feelings by deleting this topic.  I grew up in Pittsburgh and saw this on the BBC web site and wanted to share.  Nobody follows the Pittsburgh forum.




I compare Nashville and Pittsburgh as cities that have managed to hold on to some of it's historic buildings.  Not all, but at least some.  I don't know why I have held on to my affection for Pittsburgh over all these years.  I moved away 35 years ago and have lived here the last 10 years. Nashville is growing on me more and more.  Nashville has a tremendous Music scene that would be impossible to duplicate. Pittsburgh has a lot of fans of Nashville music and citizens that go and enjoy that music.  Rambling and rembering.


I know that Nashville is growing as Pittsburgh has contracted or is now on a steady course as far as population.  Not moving much either way.  There are many transplants from other cities that have moved here.  Maybe this could be a topic to tell others about your other home. And please, no pissing contest.  I like hearing about other folks home town I miss it and I don't miss it. 


As I said at the beginning, remove this if mod's feel it should not be here.

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I think a lot of us are from other places. I don't have a problem, as long as it does not turn into a "my city is better than yours" thread. As long as it stays positive in nature and there ison slamming?

I know Pittsburg has a few fans on here too. A great northern city that is doing well even as many cities in the rust belt are having major issues.

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As my user name would suggest, I live in Donelson, but I work OUT OF TOWN frequently, currently working the week in Minneapolis.  There is a unique building on the skyline, not so much for its profile (it's rather ordinary in the daytime), but at night the crown of the tower comes alive with a custom LED lighting system. Currently the light show mimics the northern lights.  Hotel personnel tell me that the show is designed to match the season or holiday.  Pretty cool!



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In my opinion, if you're going to call Nashville and Pittsburgh the same in regards to historic building preservation, then you might as well call me and Bill Gates the same because we've both saved some money!!  :thumbsup: You're being very generous to Nashville, in other words.  I've loved Pittsburgh ever since the first time I drove through the city from the east.  It feels much, MUCH bigger than it is.  The gleaming downtown skyline surrounded by the dense urban neighborhoods built into the hills that are all criss-crossed by rivers...there's just nowhere else like it in this country.  Truly a remarkable city, in my opinion.  I completely understand why you still hold an important place in your heart for it! 

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