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"Save Music Row."


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The following is a message from my Facebook Page. Michael Davis and his wife are members of our group. Try to support them if you can:


To my musician friends: A great friend of mine, Michael Davis has started a group with his wife Casey Renee' Davis called "Save Music Row". I have known them both for about 10 years through a group calledUrbanPlanet.org. Our group is a built environment group that supports responsible development. We also support preservation efforts. If you are interested in helping with Michael's and Casey's group, please let me know. Their group is to help organize the small businesses and help them stay on the row. There is no problem with developers building residential units on abandoned or neglected properties, but at the same time Music Row needs to stay music row.

Michael needs help from my established musician friends to help his group with fund raisers and events.

Nashville needs to embrace and retain its musical and cultural heritage. There are plenty of surface parking lots in Mid-Town, The Gulch, Downtown, and the CBD for multi-story residential projects. Lets keep Music Row Music Row. Michael is in my friends listing, so feel free to shoot him a message.






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