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The Third Anniversary since Dave Luna's passing.


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I just wanted to post my yearly remembrance of Dave Luna. Dave attended one of our first forum meets in Spring 2005. That is when we began our friendship,  and I loved Dave and I miss him very much to this day.


So much has happened in the past three years, that if he were alive today, he would be truly amazed by what is happening.


I am saddened he left us so soon, and way too early but I still admire and cherish his enthusiasm for Nashville and the built environment. 


Most of us have our Dave stories, and there are too many for me to think of now, but I will share that I miss our drives, and I miss seeing his garden he took so much pride in. I keep his partner Ricky in my thoughts as well as I am sure he still misses Dave.


My favorite memory is when we tried to climb the smokestack on Rolling Mill Hill. We got about 10 feet up and determined the old ladder rungs inside were just to rusty and risky to go any further!


In any case, if anyone wants to share a remembrance , feel free to do so.



Miss you my friend!


Peace Dave, 



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I loved to read Dave's posts. He was always so thoughtful, yet he could still be concise. He didn't waste words. Laid back, but not a pushover (this, from other forums). Cool as a cucumber.


While I am young, I occasionally think about the past, and growing up in this city, and how much I have witnessed it change. When I do, I often think of Dave and his nostalgic tales and anecdotes about Nashville and youth.




While Dave is absent in person, I feel like he is still here in spirit. 

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