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Brett Withers East Nashvillian of The Year!


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Thank you, everyone, for your well wishes!  What I really like about the awards this year is that you have me, a preservationist, and Steve Powell, who is a builder doing great things in our area, and we both speak about the need to reuse existing buildings in creative ways where possible and to ensure that new buildings fit within their context even if they are not in the same style as their surroundings.  East Nashville is a diverse neighborhood, and the best of our varied buildings reflect that.

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So, when are you running for mayor?  :D



No way - that's a pretty crowded field.  And there are some good candidates for Mayor.  Davidson County residents need to go to the forums and ask good questions of the Mayoral candidates.


Brett, don't be surprised if we pick you up and put you in the "mosh pit" for next year's race.  Then you won't have much of a choice. :fun:

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He'll have the most awesome moustache on the council. :yahoo:

Well, Walter Hunt, Duane Dominy and Buddy Baker are all three term-limited, so the Council could experience a significant drop in mustachios at the end of August.  Walter is running for an At Large seat, though.  And Jeff Syracuse is running for District 15 to fill the seat that will be vacated by Phil Claiborne, and if he succeeds there could be a 1-for-1 goatee replacement.

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