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Over the years, I've seen some pretty good ideas posted about various sites/projects.  I figure we should have a thread to share some of these since they might not directly be related to other thread topics.


I'll start with this one:  At 504 S. East Street in Raleigh (0.48 acres of empty City-owned land):  build an exact copy of 130 Hunt Street in Durham.  Have it either as affordable housing (preferable) or as an alternative, a dorm/apartment building for Shaw students.

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I love 130 Hunt Street and would very much like to see projects like that in East Raleigh.


-Rebuild the original Municipal Building in a new spot to replace our current one, possibly with more floors to account for the need for increased space.


-Build a central public library downtown.

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I've thrown this out before, but really want to see the warehouse district have several things done that set it off as a visibly different district.I'm envisioning a simultaneous tipping of the hat to history and the future....

Provide vintage features such as gas lit street lighting. Cobblestoning of gutters (pervious surface...more on that in a sec), or possibly who streets. Brick crosswalks. Large rail road themed art.Possibly a grand industrial themed arched entrance at one or two entrances to the area.

Also, put in rain garden stormwater controls at intersections and let them also be the bulb out at intersections. Work in LED lighting in places too (maybe faux gas LEDs?) and perhaps let some of the art trend ultra modern industrial or even functional stuff like seen here.  

I have even pondered moving the Seaboard Building over here even just to have a critical mass of historic rail stuff as a part of making this area as awesome and defined as a historic industrial area as possible. 

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