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$180 Million casino heats up in Fruitport Township


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Looks like the indian tribe has submitted their application with the Feds and is back before Fruitport Township. They're now saying it will be a $180 Million project, on the site of the old horse track. More sucking sounds of people being pulled out of downtown GR. :) j/k











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If casinos on "Indian Land" or Indian managed are acceptable, casinos on everybody else's land should be acceptable.  I have no opinion either way on casinos, but this idea of Indian operated casinos only is ridiculous.


It is kind of a crazy puritanical law. However, I think with the proliferation of indian casinos around the country, it might be difficult to make big money on a casino that doesn't enjoy the tax benefits of being indian-owned. At least one of the casinos in Detroit filed for bankruptcy, and 5 of the largest casinos in Atlantic city just filed recently after they relaxed their gambling laws and indian casinos started opening up.


I'm not an indian casino expert but I seem to recall only one development group pulling the "unfair" card in regard to opening a casino here in West Michigan, and that was 10 or more years ago?

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I have no issues morally or otherwise with casinos, i could care less. From a business standpoint, when does the area reach a saturation level where casinos start failing?


I agree on both points. From a business perspective, I have to imagine this is worrisome to Little River Casino in Manistee.



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