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222 2nd Ave. South, 25 Stories|305 Feet, 391,000 sq. ft., $100 million


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2 hours ago, NoChesterHester said:  

Hard to rent two story retail. Very hard.

Is there anything that would work on a second floor?

I think the corner building at Capitol View (Charlotte and 11th) is planning on second story "creative office". It is new office with taller ceilings made to look like old warehouse office loft conversion. I think that is a great use.

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4 hours ago, TheRaglander said:

They are drilling massive circular holes in the ground now.  Are these for footers?  Do they plan on digging out a large portion below ground level like The SoBro?  

I will keep pics coming when relevant change is noticeable. :)

That would indicate at least on that portion of the lot there will be no below grade excavation. I think only one floor of parking is below grade, so it appears it will be 1 down and 25 up.  They did the same thing for the Viridian. There are no subterranean  levels to the Viridian except for the NES vault. The hole there was about 10 feet deep for removal of fill dirt before they got to bedrock.

If I read correctly on the site, or in the media, this building will be open sometime in late 2017. This may be an 18-24 month project since everything is above grade except for one floor and they can get 10 feet of film dirt out rather quickly.  They will fly and form this up quickly and they may even use tables to go faster because of the simple shape rather than building forms for each level.



I don't think they will use tables on the garage portion because of the floor sloping, but I could be wrong.



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7 minutes ago, Paramount747 said:

Cannot wait to see if the dig any artifacts out of the ground here, and I wonder how close to the water table they will get.

Didn't they find a saber tooth tiger when building Bridgestone Arena or some other downtown site...which is where the Predators got their mascot?

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16 hours ago, bhibbs said:


In May of 1971, excavation began at the downtown Nashville site of what today is the 28-story First American Center.  Construction workers drilled through 20 feet of solid rock before coming to a soft muddy area.  Further digging revealed a cave containing the nine-inch fang and a foreleg bone of a saber-toothed tiger, extinct for at least 10,000 years.

Radiocarbon tests on the specimen revealed that it could have possibly been one of the last of its breed to exist.  Scientists believe that some time during the last glacial period (15,000-80,000 years ago) part of the cave was the den of the saber-toothed tiger.

The discovery, made in August 1971, marks only the fifth of its kind in North America. The cave, located beneath the building, is preserved under concrete for historic and educational purposes"

They used to keep the fossils on display in the First American Center. Not sure where they ended up after the transition to Regions and then the move-in of UBS.

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