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Petition to Spare the Carolina Bus Barn from Demolition


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Hi all -


I posted this in the history thread, but in hindsight figured more eyes might see it here. As some of you might have seen in the N&O, Greyhound is planning to imminently demolish the historic Carolina Bus Barn along the 1200 block of S. Person/S. Blount in downtown Raleigh - perhaps even this week.




For those of you who appreciate our architectural heritage, and can see treasure and opportunity instead of blight and dereliction, I highly encourage you to take a brief moment to sign a petition to encourage Greyhound to stay the complex's demolition. By returning to the negotiating table and working with a private investor (or the City even) to purchase the site for a historic rehabilitation of the existing structures (and redevelopment of the remaining vacant parcel), we can retain a really wonderful asset. It's a critical parcel anchoring a gateway in and out of the city - and we have so few of these types of sites remaining.  




If you have two brief moments, please also reach out to the CEO of Greyhound. Pressure is all we've got at this point.


David Leach
President and Chief Executive Officer
(214) 849-8219
[email protected]

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