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While reading Charlotte Magazine, I noticed an article about Greenville.  It is part of the Southern Getaways within a three hour drive spread.  They reviewed Greenville with Asheville, Johnson City, Chapel Hill, the Carolina Sandhills and a few other small towns.  The freelance author wrote a glowing article about the town.  However, it is worth noting that his wife is from Greenville and  his father in law was a talent for WYFF.  It was a nice article written by someone with very strong ties to the city.

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I know the author and he has been a free-lance writer for years ranging from Southern-culture style pieces to some great articles for ESPN--the Magazine.  My wife and a bunch of folks were having brunch at Tupelo Honey and we were discussing all of the progress in Greenville.  


He and his wife now live in the midwest and I am a Charleston transplant.  We were discussing the article and how much progress has been made.  


Both of us were of the impression that we never would have considered Greenville when we were in college (I went to Furman) but think it is truly remarkable what has occurred in the last twenty years.  It is truly a testament to the vision of Greenville's leaders that folks are now moving to the city from other major cities.  I cannot get over the number of new CBD projects (especially residential) that are underway.  I just hope we can keep up the momentum and now start the high-low trends that have plagued other cities.  


For anyone on the forum that challenges whether Greenville can compete with Charleston or draw folks away from CLT/ATL, I'm the proof....  Late 20's young professional that wanted a better city to raise a family while still having the amenities/culture of larger cities.  

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I would not put Charleston or Columbia in the same category as those other cities.


I don't see Columbia attracting college grads other than it's own.  No different than Clemson grads staying in Greenville. A very large portion of the urban projects there are directly related to housing for college students. That is not the case with Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh or even Greenville.   


Charleston is in many ways pulling ahead of the rest of the state, but it is getting seriously congested and expensive. I work for a company with it's HQ in Charleston but with a Greenville office too.  I know several millennial workers that moved there, and later moved back.for those very reasons, plus the more temperate climate.    

I agree with you, I think Charleston is pulling ahead.  Today, it has the "it" factor and is getting a lot of attention from developers.  But, it is limited in growth opportunities by geography and preservation, price may ultimately hurt Charleston.


Columbia's DT projects are diversified between the school and private sector, a lot of great re-hab projects.


And, Greenville is a nice place to live as well.  I just think it is a little naïve to claim that Greenville is becoming a destination city for the younger crowd and it has amenities similar to large cities. 


As for the article, it was half creepy and half chamber "hey look at us".....not very well written.   

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I think you are the exception. Charlotte alone will attrack 50,000 new folks per year, not many of which considered Greenville. Greenville has a large over 60 crowd and is attracting more retirees than younger folks. Not many folks are cross shopping Atlanta or Charlotte and Greenville. Greenville has some amenities but it simply does not have the same things you will see in larger cities, not even close. Has the downtown area improved, yes. Is it alone in that category, no. In SC, Charleston and Columbia have equally as many projects in the CBD. Place like Charlotte and Atlanta are building as much in one block as you will see in all of DT Greenville.


I agree, Greenville isn't comparable to a much larger city like Charlotte.  Likewise, Charlotte isn't comparable to a much larger city like Atlanta.

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