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Large Craft Brewery to Norfolk?


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The attached article is more about a new brewery to Richmond, but has an interesting tidbit at the end. It mentions that Norfolk is in "advanced talks" with a craft brewery larger than Stone. Very interesting indeed. Who could it be? And just what does "advanced talks" mean?



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I read Lagunitas is looking to develop an east coast facility!


Well, the list of potential "bigger than Stone" craft breweries is quite small, but Lagunitas would be on that short list so it very well could be them. Sierra Nevada just built a brewery in Asheville, NC, so it's not likely them. And some of the other larger craft breweries are in the Northeast and likely lack then need for another east coast facility. It would be a HUGE get for the area if we could land Lagunitas. Hopefully the brewery itself is as large as the one Stone had proposed. Having a brewery next door to Harbor Park would be a huge draw for game days.


PS: Since you were the one who originally posted this link on the Richmond board, thanks for the scoop!

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According to the Huffington Post, here are the 12 craft brewers larger than Stone:


12. Boulevard Brewing Company - Kansas City, Mo.

11. Lagunitas - Petaluma, Ca.

10. Harpoon - Boston, Mass.

9. Bell's Brewery - Galesburg, Mich.

8. Matt Brewing Co. - Utica, NY

7. Deschutes Brewery - Bend, Or.

6. Magic Hat - South Burlington, Vt.

5. Spoetzl Brewery - Shiner, TX (Shiner Bock)

4. Craft Brew Alliance - Portland, Or. (Red Hook beer)

3. New Belgium - Ft. Collins, Co. (Fat Tire)

2. Sierra Nevada - Chico, CA

1. Boston Beer Company - Boston, Mass. (Sam Adams)




I don't think Sam Adams will be brewed outside of Boston.

Sierra Nevada is in Mills River, NC.

New Belgium is building in Asheville, NC.

Craft Alliance - not sure if they have breweries outside the Northwest or Hawaii. They could be an option.

Deschutes only seems to be in Oregon. The only east coast distribution the have is Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania so maybe this is a possibility for Norfolk.

The others seem to be too close to here already.

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Lagunitas has a Chicago brewery as well. Would an east coast brewery also be needed for them?

Per what I read in a different article that claims Lagunitas is the brewery, the big thing for Lagunitas is the port access. Unlike Stone who is just going to put a brewery in Europe and call it a day, Lagunitas is looking to actually export the beer instead. So if this is indeed the plan, there aren't many better choices than Norfolk.


Similarly, once Stone announced they were building a brewery in Berlin, I pretty much ruled out the real possibility of Stone coming to Norfolk. Especially once Richmond began to pull out all the stops.

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