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Lofts on Capitol- 112 Apartments

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This project is back yet again, buit this time it seems as though the timing is pretty good.


The guys who own 179 Allyn Street have the option on this property and now have all the funding lined up.  including tax xredits CRDA monies and low income money


it looks like a great project and one that I find super intersting.

This is for all practical purposes, the begining of the second wave of development this cycle... people who invested in the market are still confident... so thats awesome and bodes well for other projects moving forward


Its a $35 million dollar project and will go a long way to connecting Frog hollows emerging hipster population to downtown.


Off the top of my head I can think of now a handful of fringe projects underway


Colt, Capewell, This one and the ballpark


All these help spread the economic impact of mixed demographics neighborhoods.




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The agenda for tomorrows planning and Zoning show 11 flower street lease agreements.


1 with the Hartford Courant and another with Dakota Properties, the developers of this building/


I am failry certain this is redesigning the parking area behind the two buildings.


I take this and the funding article as another sign that work will begin shortly if this gets approved


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This is a project that can really help the area around the Capitol start to build towards its true potential.  There are a bunch of residential streets over there with good bones, some have had varying degrees of recent reinvestment already.

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