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Nashville Yards, 15 acres/4 million sq. ft./ $1 billion, Phase I: Grand Hyatt Hotel (25 stories), Phase II: Amazon (26 & 22 stories), Phase III: AEG/MGM District (21 story hotel, 4 K theater, etc.); Phase IV: Pinnacle Tower (34 stories)


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1 hour ago, downtownresident said:

This is a steel construction building. They seemingly got their first shipment of steel beams the other day, so we should see steel rising soon. 

Yeah…gotta believe the delay in starting tower 2 meant they had to wait to order steel…and with backups all over the world on building products, I’m guessing that put them behind.  Thankfully, the cement is local and readily available.

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1 minute ago, nashvylle said:

So what does SWVP say to Amazon when Amazon complains about the delay in their office tower due to steel going to Amazon facilites?

It would be a matter of priority, the warehouses are generating the business and the office work is being done, just other places until the towers are ready.

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5 hours ago, GreenHillsBoy said:

A close family member who works for a major mid state steel fabricator told me this weekend that orders for normal steel for their projects may be January '22 before  they can get their orders.  They do many of the school projects and did the Graduate Hotel as well.  The back order is due to shortage and the incredible amount of steel that is going to Amazon for their warehouses throughout the country.  He says that the companies are in a bind in that they have to give Amazon first priority due to the amount of orders but it is at the expense of long term customers who are now suffering.  

I had heard that 1 out of 4 steel girders in the U.S. are going to Amazon warehouses.

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6 minutes ago, smeagolsfree said:

I was talking to PHofKS yesterday and there are some clues in the Yards renderings as to the height of the residential towers it seems if those rendering are to be believed. 

If you look at the first rendering below you see two buildings in between the Pinnacle and the large residential buildings and both of those buildings are 20 stories plus.

So, in the second image you can see a little more detail with four buildings 1thru 3 are pretty clear, however 4 is hiding in the shadows and Pete had to point that one out to me.

I think that Number 2 may be the revamped hotel. The one hiding in the shadows is the one that was the 10 story  that is right behind the Holiday Inn.


Inkedyards image_LI.jpg

yards image.jpg

I think these renderings were prepared with the old Entertainment complex. For example, the new rendering has office space at the corner of Church/Platform Way, but the Pinnacle renderings don’t show this. 

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