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New London added to Hartford CSA?

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Apparently New London County is now part of Hartford MSA


this brings the area population from around 1.2 million up to around 1.5


I guess this is a good thing?  maybe better federal transit funding?


also, Springfield is of course still seperate for some reason, but Im thinking that with the Casino going in, and the commuter rail coming... 2020 might bring a new definition there as well

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I saw it on wikipedia


so to verify, I checked the census




apparently we actually lost windham to Worchester, but gaining New London and Norwich netted us up a few hundred K



Also, I saw that there is mention of a Springfield Hartford CSA in a csv I downloaded from the census but it was on my phone so ill need to look at that again on an actual computer



so, it seems there might be some loosening of the definition up here away from the town based model

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The town based model is still in effect, but they are also using the MSA and CSA info of course


and yes, Hartford Springfield CSA is a thing.  I did not see a total population for that but i'd guess at 2.1 million


The census is strange in how they do reporting between censuses.  this might be good news for transportation funds in future

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the proof





this is a census document that compares the 2007 lines to the 2012 lines.


in 2007 Wilimantic was its own micropolitan area but was associated with the Hartford CSA

in 2007 New london was its own MSA, not associated with anything


as of 2012 Wilimantic is not a micropolitan area any more

and New London is part of hartford

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