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Knight Fondation Cities Challenge 2015


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seems like we already had a thread for this, but I could not find it.


The results of the Knight Foundation Cities Challenge are out. 32 projects will share $5 million for implementation. Charlotte did well and has three winners:



No Barriers Project, $67,100 (Submitted by Sarah Hazel): Bringing two diverse neighborhoods together in a public park that sits on their border by creating a new common space that uses light, sound and play to stimulate conversation.


“Porch” Swings in Public Places, $28,000 (Submitted by Tom Warshauer): Fostering conversation among strangers by installing Charlotte’s signature porch swings in public spaces.


Take Ten Initiative, $74,000 (Submitted by Alyssa Dodd): Challenging municipal workers to take 10 minutes each week to connect with a city resident and report on their thoughts and ideas.


Plus Charlotte will participate in a fourth winning project which sounds pretty cool:



The Swings: An Exercise in Musical Cooperation, $325,000 by DailyTousLesJours (Submitted by Mouna Andraos): Bringing people together to connect and engage in four Knight resident cities (Charlotte, Macon, Philadelphia and San Jose) with a musical swings installation that plays music when used and more complex melodies when people collaborate to use them together.


While this is undeniably a cool initiative, none of the winning projects struck me as hugely innovative. But all seem worthwhile. I particularly liked St. Paul's initiatives to welcome newcomers into the community (free knit hats given at a ceremony!).


Take a look, it sounds like they will do this same competition again next year. We really should have a UP coalition project win next year.


See the full list of winners here: http://www.knightfoundation.org/blogs/knightblog/2015/3/31/32-civic-innovators-receive-5-million-funding-first-knight-cities-challenge/

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