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89 Ionia - Cornerstone Building - Renovation


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Since this was buried in the Morton House I thought I'd start a new thread, for fans of this building. I've always liked the keystone look and the "necklace" band just above the second floor on this building. Way to go Rockford Construction! 


In the DDA submission:


"..part of a full scale renovation aimed to increase occupancy and capitalize on the new energy being brought to the block by the Morton redevelopment."


"... capping of an existing areaway, new brickwork, snowmelt....improvements to the facade, fire suppression and new elevator." $3.5 Million investment in upgrades with just over $890,000 in eligible expenses for the DDA's incentive programs (paraphrased). 











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It's a solid building, and previously overlooked IMO.  Glad to see Rockford giving it some TLC.  I don't think it's completely vacant, right?  I know this was the ground floor entrance into Steketee's bed & bath section. To me it appears that the entrance area was modified at some point from what it was originally.

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Yes, thanks Rockford!

Those street level doors and windows from the 70s are hideous.

What is currently in that building anyways?



Offices. I would venture to guess that it's occupancy rate is pretty low right now. It's horribly outdated the last time I was in it (ArtPrize venue a few years ago on the ground floor).

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I was thinking something would be announced soon, KCAD had a tweet a few months ago from one of the windows with the caption, "stay tuned for what we are going to do with this view". I was not sure what building it was referring to, but was hoping it was the Cornerstone.

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