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An old relic burned to the ground


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The old Oliver Machinery Company on Clancy burned to the ground last night. The building was on the market and has been vacant since a racing parts company co-owned by Joe Moch Sr (of Icon on Bond) sold it last year to Fredrick Dean Rosendall (scratch that, Dean Rosendall owns CopperRock Construction: https://prezi.com/m7blu8cteqrq/copperrock-construction/ )


They apparently bought it for $542,000 and had it listed for $1.5 Million. 







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In the past few months there has been slight maintenance work done on Oliver.  They also were renting out small portions of the full structure, saw some listings on craigslist a while back. Sad to see the news, any information if it was the large structure or some of the smaller additions to the main building.  That building had some potential to be something pretty interesting.  sad.

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Is there any speculation on what will happen with the property now?


I assume it will have to be cleared and then maybe Copper Rock will build new there? I read on FB that Pike 51 Brewery out of Hudsonville was looking at moving into the old building. 

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