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Ranking New York's neighborhoods on livability?

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So yesterday I stumbled upon this interesting article "Can big data measure livability in cities?. It seems that this new website measures life quality of neighborhoods and houses in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, London and Berlin: "Cornerstone of PlaceILive is their Life Quality Index -an algorithm that takes aspects like transportation, safety, and affordability into account. Making it possible for people to easily compare the livability of different houses."


I like the concept, it looks like a mix of Walkscore and Yelp for me. I found some useful information there - bus shops near my house, bakeries, farmers markets and similar stuff. What i like the most is some cool maps with various demographic metrics, safety rates or internet speed across the city's neighborhoods that they do. For example, this predominant ethnicity map across neighborhoods of New York is pretty dope.


Anyway, if I understand correctly it's quite a new service. Maybe you guys know any similar websites that provide insights for NYC? Or any decent articles that helps you get familiar with NewYork faster? That would help me a lot since I only moved there a couple of months ago :)



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