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B Tower (5th Street Retail Infill Building)


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I think this building deserves its own thread (mod's can you move the posts of mine from the retail center city thread here) and I have gotten some word that may make a thread deserving at this point.


Contact of mine said that the work on the 5th street improvements is scheduled to start in May (apparently it was supposed to start early April but was delayed for some reason) with site work for this building to start in summer.


To summarize what is known about the 5th Street building


  • 5 story 74' building
  • Will have an elevator access lobby with entrances to 5th st, Connolly's and the new building
  • 3rd and 5th floors will have access to outdoor areas
  • Connolly's submitted to  add a rooftop deck on top of the pub which will be accessible from the 3rd floor
  • almost 13k sq ft of space
  • 2800 sq ft 5th floor roof deck
  • According to the plans a "nightclub" will take over the 3rd and 4th floor (probably with access to the roof deck)
  • About 2000 sq ft first floor and 2650 sq ft 2nd floor

Along with the building they will be widening the sidewalk (to the existing white line that exists now) and The Local MAY try to add a bit of outdoor seating.





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So this building will most likely be a club and a restaurant Or 2 I gather?

My guess is ground floor and 2nd will be a huge restaurant, and 3 and 4 will be a huge club. Granted these are my assumptions based off the plans (they say "nightclub") however this could likely change. Perhaps each floor will be something different or something like that...I would prefer that and it would be super unique.

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this reminds me of a place in DC that is about to open named "Prequel".  It's designed to house "Pop-Up" resturants, bakery, club, coffee shops, etc.  By rotating new entities in the space, the goal is to retain the "Honeymoon phase" of each place and maximize profits.  I wonder if we'd be as lucky to get something that innovative here in Charlotte.

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Given that this is attached to Connolly's, and the row of 'historic' buildings that continues around to RiRa, (etc) - I have to wonder why they chose to ignore the architectural context that those buildings set. 

I honestly love the stark contrast. My favorite things about walking around the Meat Packing district and Dumbo in NYC is the stark dichotomy between each and every building. Its something Charlotte should strive for. 

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I think that stark contrast works well when you have a rich environment of historic buildings from which that contrast is created. In uptown it feels like every new building is trying to create contrast with the adjacent building, and that gives me a headache more often than not.


The Hearst Tower architecture would also be acceptable to pull from in this location. The Founders Hall/Blumenthal... not so much.

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I would fear faux historic buildings beside real older buildings much more than uber-modern ones. This little strip will be a cool section to take visitors.


There's a difference between 'faux-historic' and architectural context. You can build a new building with appropriate architectural details that allow it to blend in.

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I thought it was 2 floors of a night club. And I meant retail stores as in a place you can go shopping or pick things up

Meh, I'd rather it be restuarant/nightclub/bar everywhere. Soft Good Stores should go on Tryon. 

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Just now, AppState92 said:

Any word on the lot between Connollys and Sea Level?  Seems like there were plans for a 4 story building, but haven't seen an update in awhile.

Its still a go. They've just been battling with CDOT and with parking requirements, that they obviously cannot meet.

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