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Church Street Plaza | 28-Story Office/Hotel [Phase 1 Under Construction]


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51 minutes ago, nite owℓ said:

Yes, that's the one! I've been racking my brain trying to remember the name of that classy little joint. Looked up the present-day tenant, but it's not the kind of place that I would want to visit. You're right, maybe it was 55 West's construction that caused it to close... downtown went through quite a transformation during that time.

Ybor's, Rok Room, it was one other thing too. 

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We will probably be able to tell a whole lot better in 7-10 years after an additional phase and construction around it if this was good or not. 

I like the aesthetic, but dislike the proportions  with the chunky base and lack of height.

However, this could be on purpose to scale up to Phase II and other surrounding properties. 

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34 minutes ago, spenser1058 said:

A friend of mine from Atlanta was visiting today. As we walked around downtown, I told him about the nicknames for the towers like the Refrigerator and the Copper Whopper.

When he saw CSP1, he said it should be called “the Hodge-Podge”. I like that.

You didn't tell him about "the piano"??? :huh:

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16 minutes ago, shardoon said:

Why must they make it fat? Keeping it the same height and slimming it makes it look to much taller. 

They need the square footage.

If they slimmed it, they'd have to go up to make up the difference.

Something we'd all like to see, but which might not fit their needs.

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2 hours ago, Uncommon said:

It looks fine to me. I actually like it. I’m hoping it looks like that when they build it.

It doesn't look bad, but from the angle in the above pic, it looks like an uncured clay model that was lifted up then plopped straight down, causing the bottom to compress and squish outward.


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