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Church Street Plaza | 28-Story Office/Hotel [Phase 1 Under Construction]

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I'm probably biased just because there's so much hate, and I just LOOOOVE the way it fills in the lot when coming off of I-4 from South St.... but I can't get enough of this building

We've got glass

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1 hour ago, orange87 said:

Once Citi Tower, Modera Central and Tremont Tower are completed I think we'll be able to begin to say that downtown Orlando's density is beginning to get somewhat respectable.

Tremont is a great project to have actually go forward. Another hotel serving Amway/DPAC/Church Street/Orlando City Stadium, and connected to Sunrail!  We need more projects tied to Sunrail to increase ridership and get other connections such as to the Airport Intermodal terminal and OB Express to get critical mass to go forward. Yes, this seems like not a big deal, but more and more baby steps lead to incremental jumps in the future!

Besides this. . . UCF Creative Village and Cambria Suites are some other game changer projects that look to start soon.  UCF for obvious reasons and Cambria fills that vacant eyesore on the lake and adds that more many people to downtown/lake Eola area that will be walking around and frequenting businesses.  That will be a premium hotel IMO. . .  wish it was bigger, but the design looks good and lower height there means that it won't completely block views of the lake if a taller tower is built behind it further from the lake.  Plus it blocks the AT&T Monstrosity. (was really hoping that would go away and we could get a plaza with an Art Museum, but oh well). 

Now we just need Capital Plaza, MEC, and Magnolia Rose to actually get started!


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Yeah, Tremont Tower is a big deal for a few reasons.  First, it's visibility from I-4 will be choice.  At roughly the height of 55W it will dominate the skyline coming east on I-4.  Second, it will be directly at the corner of South & Garland, so when motorists get off the ramp, the first thing they see past the light will be this tower as opposed to a parking lot.  A surface parking lot so close to Suntrust is a very bad thing.  Third, is the hotel component and for all the reasons dcluley88 stated above.  Fourth, is the Sunrail platform incorporated into the project.  The fact that they're doing it is great.  But also is the fact that it sets the tone for other future projects elsewhere by encouraging them to do the same (if doing so makes sense).  The southbound platform shouldn't be south of South St. in the middle of nowhere.  This will change.  This is a multi-faceted project, much like The Plaza, 55W, and Paramount were.

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