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Haywood Rd Redevelopment

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Being as there's so much going on on Haywood Road there should probably be a thread for it. I know the Conn's just opened up and there's a new clothing store over there as well. Rumor has it Cheesecake Factory might wind up in the old Cheeseburger in Paradise. I know for a fact one of the new concept AT&T stores is going into the Mall by the Radio Shack next to the Sears and the Spencers and across from the food court.

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The more stores that close at Haywood Mall, the better. Either it will get Simon off their a**es for once or the mall will finally be put out of its misery. 

Tear it down and put Unity Park 2.0 on site I say. Have Apple move downtown also.

I tend to agree, most cities still have at least one very viable mall and a lot of people still like malls. Haywood desperately needs an exterior upgrade, and honestly just about anything they did to

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Just off Haywood on Timmons Drive the 'Residences at Haywood' apartment complex is now in the first phases of construction. Developer: Daniel Corp.



Haywood Mall landscaping renovations appear to be pretty much complete, as do the interior finishes. Belk/Simon have begun exterior renovations to the Belk store.



Power lines have been buried from 385 tothe Kanpai of Tokyo location. New street lamps were also installed on the same stretch.


Regency Square (shopping plaza home to Saskatoon and Melting Pot) is nearing completion of the exterior renovations.


The Burger King remodel is complete.


Tijuana Flats is now open-the retail space in the same building is still vacant.


Haverty's exterior(/interior?) updates are underway.


Region's Bank was recently given a fresh coat of exterior paint.


Panera Bread's new location next to Wells Fargo should break ground any day now. The rumor now is that Cheesecake Factory will be using Panera's old spot at Haywood Mall.


Redemption World Outreach center installed a new sign which includes a full-color led display.


The old Pier One building is still vacant.

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There have been many rumours about CF coming to Greenville over the years, so I have my reservations. However, if it is true I believe it will have a bigger positive impact on Haywood Mall than many think. I have noticed the spot behind Panera between Vans and Crazy 8 has been sitting vacant for a while with a Simon partition in front so maybe that is part of the project. 

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Still hoping for Cheesecake Factory as well. I had no idea it was going to take this long for Panera to break ground. But see the groundwork has been laid and fences up marking the area so construction should begin any day.


If the Cheesecake Factory is coming, I'm surprised they didn't seek out a different location. I think the rumor with Panera has been well over a year and maybe going on two years. Another rumor was that they would take the Pier One location, but obviously that's not happening. I guess with the space next to Panera being blocked out there's still hope that it is indeed coming there.


Honestly, the space where Cheeseburgers in Paradise and the now also defunct Grill 33 were would have been a great spot. Cheesecake Factory has a big enough reputation that it would have really have jump started that strip mall. I really have my doubts as to how well Conn's and Gabe's are doing -- particularly Conn's in the oversaturated electronics/appliance/furniture market. Then again, I also don't see how HH Gregg stays in business either. Anytime I've been there, it's dead.

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Haywood Road these days reminds me of South Main Street in 1985 (the fun and excitement are long gone).

If the Cheesecake Factory wants to pick a location that'll be thriving in 10 years, it ought to think long and hard.

What factors do you see keeping Haywood down versus other areas? I think the City's investments and master plan could be very beneficial, and the corridor is arguably stronger than it was 10 years ago.

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What factors do you see keeping Haywood down versus other areas? I think the City's investments and master plan could be very beneficial, and the corridor is arguably stronger than it was 10 years ago.

1. The surrounding area has lower incomes than Woodruff Road does.

2. Haywood is not aesthetically appealing: particularly the zone between the mall and Laurens Road. 

3. The surrounding area isn't experiencing as much residential growth as downtown and further-out suburbs.

4.  The area has lost its short-lived monopoly on upscale chain retail.  High-end chain stores can now consider downtown as a viable location.


Haywood still has a strong central location, so if the area can improve its aesthetics, attract more upper-income residential development and lure some more strong retail anchors, it can certainly stay strong.  Haywood certainly has not deteriorated like Pleasantburg Drive did, although it has trended in the same direction.


Haywood Mall certainly needs to be preparing for the day it becomes a 3-anchor mall, minus Sears and JC Penney.

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With the Crescent site now being redeveloped and the old Japanese Steak house site (10.5 acres) also on the market, and the power line under-grounding going on, now is the prefect time for the city to seek to put it's stamp on this area. The master plan should be updated and reviewed again.  The Pier One/ Applebee's parcels could have been redeveloped into an office building or hotel, if they had acted sooner perhaps.


Maybe the city could partner on a garage to hep build density, or widen Woods Crossing Rd. from Mall Connector to Congaree. 


It just seems like the elements are aligning for something of high magnitude to happen.  Clearly the area has improved lately and more is on the way, now is the time to make the most of the changes.  Maybe even demo the Sears for a mid-rise (with retail still on the ground level) with a parking deck.      

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There is a sign up across from the Steak-n-Shake near Haywood Mall. (The site of the old japanese steakhouse.) It is worded something like: Woods Crossing development plan in progress. 864-xxx-xxxx. [email protected] I have contacted the e-mail address and have not as yet received a reply. The website is parked. Anyone have any clue what's in the works?

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Email I received today: 

"We are considering a mix of smaller retail/restaurant and rental residential and/or assisted living and/or hotel.

If you have a requirement for space let us know."

-AHC Funds

Very preliminary.

That parcel is in desperate need of redevelopment. 

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Yes, CCF.

Has there been official confirmation yet on this? It's baffling how it's been rumored to go in that spot for what, like a year? Yet, to my knowledge nothing has been announced. I know there's CCF haters here, but I would think Simon Malls and/or the city of Greenville itself would be crowing about it.

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