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"Nashville Aerials": Touring the core in photos and discussion


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Wednesday May 6th, 2015 was a perfect day to go flying.  My friends at Murfreesboro Aviation afforded me a chance to go sightseeing above the most dynamic home/office market in the south (and possibly the US).  It was great!  I snapped over 600 photos while circling downtown in our Cessna 172.  Please take a moment to look at these and give me your thoughts on the built environment.  


Please click on the links to see the photos.  If anyone can help me actually embed (link) the photos onto this forum, please do so.  


Thank you for your time.


Michael Davis

























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Lexy, I can't help you embed the pictures without the jpeg link. I think I can do that on Flickr, but when I right click on your pbase pictures, it prompts me to let me know they are copyrighted.

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Hm-m-m-m...  This Lexy is like a giant condor lurking in a cliff cave, and who, like a pigeon from hell, swoops down and bestows us with so much eye candy, that we're now too fat to move.  I think I gotta meet this Lexy.


(note: Dr. Moderator, I typed "this Lexy", being careful not to type "dys-Lexy")


Way to go, Lexy.


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