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Winston-Salem's Creative Corridors Coalition

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Here's an aerial view of the Twin Arches by the good folks over at Wings over Winston.    

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The Creative Corridors Coalition had a presentation for the public for their ideas for visual improvements for the bridges as part of the Business 40 freeway reconstruction project scheduled to start in 2016. Pretty impressive possibilities. The public is encouraged to submit their opinions for consideration as to what the final recommendation will be to the City Council who will have the final say on what recommendations are requested of the NCDOT.







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I like all the ideas that have been proposed for the bridges.  The only addition I would like is perhaps on each side of the Peters Creek bridge three or five lighted points (Moravian inspired) radiating from the dead center of the guard rails.  The individual spires on pylons alone on both sides at each end of the bridge look threatening to me, or something.

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While I am very supportive in concept and believe that their need to be many more mixed use trails I gotta say that the pervasive highway noise from business 40 would really make me want to avoid using it.

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Although not an official part of the Creative Corridors Coalition's mandate, an opportunity to put a pedestrian/bike path that would wind its way from WFUB Medical Center to Downtown along B-40, is currently being contemplated. Its getting pretty strong support from various stakeholders.


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Word has come out thru the WSJ/TBJ that Creative Corridors Coalition is within $500,000 of reaching its fundraising goal  of $5.4 million. That's great news to have all the funds ahead of the construction schedule. The first project of the coalition is currently under construction at the Salem Creek Connector, that being the massive Twin Arches which will be crowning that interchange.

 First contracts for the project are to be let this fall consisting of the reconstruction of the Peters Creek interchange. which has to be done prior to the shutdown of the freeway as it will be the major west side entry point into downtown during construction The newly constructed Research Parkway through the Innovation Quarter via the Salem Creek connector on US 52 just below B-40 will serve as the primary eastside access to the downtown.


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The quality of my photo is not the best, but the twin arches are up at Salem Creek Parkway/Research Parkway interchange with US52.  This is the approach looking north toward Winston-Salem State on US52 last Thursday....the interchange under construction is huge!!  I hope it will be lighted at night?....it is exciting to drive under!


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