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Dixie-BerryHill Environment Protection


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Despite not being officially sanctioned by the City of Charlotte, the area represents a lot of potential land for development. For those who don't know, Dixie-Berryhill is the region west of the airport and between the Catawba River. I see it as some of the last remaining forest land in the county and while this is not an urban environment for Urban Planet, protecting the city's hinterlands and remaining green-space is critical.


So, any new rumors of developments in the area should go here.


I was pretty terrified at first what would happen seeing Charlotte's track record for development but thankfully, the city completed a strategic plan for the area (attached to the post). It was has this great section in the report...


Prohibit Unacceptable Uses and Development Patterns :


Low intensity employment uses such as truck distribution centers, noxious industrial uses, freestanding “big box” retail uses, strip commercial, or automobile dominated commercial uses.


So no Walmart. Unfortunately, the plan seems to run on promises rather than concrete rules and is now over ten years old. Additionally, with 485 expanded a few years ago, that's a direct incentive for development, and possibly sprawl related development into that area.


It might be time to update the plan.


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Johnny Harris so far seems to be building some industry right next to the airport. It makes sense with the rail yard installed. I like that smart development especially if it scares off the subdivisions and gated communities and doesn't add too much traffic.

But to save those last remaining tracks of forest, the odds are stacked. Unless the city can buy and turn a lot of that property into a nature preserve, it's just an open invitation to sprawl.

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