Ideas for Creating Culture, Temporary and Permanent, in Charlotte

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In another thread they were talking about Charlotte vs. Nashville, and music, and culture. I was thinking, since most of what't been discovered to be a staple in whatever city, I just think that Charlotte could be a city known for its murals, instillation art pieces, and being very green. But when I say that I mean it would be time for local artists to kick it up some notches and beautifying this  city even more. The idea is not far fetched because Charlotte already have these things, but what if it could be like one big art museum all around the city. Like unique street signs, murals on wall all over nicely placed, nice art crosswalks, more unique statues around major developments and highways. Even art around the

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16 minutes ago, ertley said:

Speaking of murals, one specific idea I've had for a while involves murals and/or installation pieces for Elizabeth, specifically. To not only 'brand' the neighborhood, but introduce art and provide a (teensy) bit of cultural and historical knowledge--with a feminist bent. A series of murals/installations of famous Elizabeths throughout the Elizabeth neighborhood could be tourist draws, and liven up the relentless red brickness-of the CPCC and Novant/Presbyterian areas, while demarcating where the (commercial) boundaries of the neighborhood are.

From English history: Elizabeth I (who was queen when North Carolina was first settled) and Elizabeth II (obvs presently the queen)--at significant entrance points--Charlotte is the Queen City, and making the connection to those two continues that larger theme... 
From American popular culture: Elizabeth Taylor (and maybe Liza Minnelli and/or Elizabeth Montgomery?)--perhaps coming from/seen from the Metropolitan area
From Medicine/history (re: Novant/Presbyterian): Elizabeth Blackwell 
National politics/history/medicine (as early breast cancer advocate): Betty Ford--both of the preceding by Novant/Presbyterian 
From North Carolina/Politics: Elizabeth Dole (and Elizabeth Edwards, or too problematic?)
From National politics/history: Elizabeth Cady Stanton--these two/three in the CPCC area??

There are others that can/should be added--these are just off the top of my head.

These could be painted as large murals on sides of buildings, but I also think commissioning artists to create pieces that are three dimensional or two dimensional (multimedia, stained glass) on their own platforms would be great, to also make it have an artsy feel. I agree--on the Elizabeth thread (maybe I'll copy this over there) that the area would be great for expanded walkable retail. 

(I also think neighboring Cherry should have a similar effort, with actual cherry trees planted as well as a cherry motif on streetlights, etc.)

I really like this idea, and shouldn't be to difficult too implement. 

I do wonder about SouthPark???

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