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Ideas for Creating Culture, Temporary and Permanent, in Charlotte


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1 hour ago, tarhoosier said:

I was there from 1-2 pm today also! The still photos are nothing compared to the truly immersive experience with 6 meter high screens, high definition projections, excellent music that gives an impressionist mood. The columns in the space have been surrounded with high mirrors so the view is unbroken with the mirror reflection plus matching projections on the factory wood block floor. We sat through it twice @35 minutes per cycle. I took a bag chair for these old bones but there was a simple bench available and a few metal chairs for those who need them and are lucky to capture them as we did. Bought some Van Gogh socks. Exit through the gift shop.  A sense of the experience is that with a full room of 250 people, during the few quiet moments in the show it was silent. Rapt attention. Perhaps a high price but it is a one time experience and it is HERE.

I say someone in a bag chair nearby but it was so dark I did not see  you.  As I thought I have plenty of those chairs I should have brought one LOL. 

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I really think in general it’s time for this city to actually gain more major attractions. The population is exploding and it seems like not much has changed in the last decade for entertainment. Sure there are more retail/restaurant options but that’s about it. Like even hearing people who visit Charlotte be called tourists even sounds weird. Like what are they touring? Apartments? I mean come on some new museums/theme parks need to be in the works. I’m still in favor of a center city aquarium, or a zoo even though we’re in close proximity to others. Just my thoughts because so many people who live in Charlotte have to leave this large city to go to either other major cities or smaller ones to actually have something to do other than the same ole same ole things around town. I mean how many times can one go to the Billy Graham Library or NASCAR HOF. 

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My wife and her older brother were both involved in NASCAR in the early Richard Petty era. She worked for Holman and Moody* and he was a pit crew member for a driver from Raleigh of little consequence at this remove in time. I went with them for a NASCAR HOF visit and it was certainly fun to see them see the things they recall and the memories on display. Happy times remembered. I recommend someone with little to no interest in NASCAR find someone who has history or interest st and it will make for a better experience.

2 hours ago, elrodvt said:

0 times has worked for me. :tw_glasses:

* Holman and Moody exists and is in Arrowood and working with racing and classic cars and other auto related pursuits. I visited there with the two of them. There is a gift and souvenir counter as well. Still in the family.(as of three years ago)

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From a Sports Illustrated cover story about Holmon and Moody in 1969:


John Holmon was the "clean hands" part of the operation, schmoozing with Ford executives, contracts, signing drivers, sponsors, etc. Ralph Moody was the "greasy hands" partner who ran the shop, recruited mechanics, built engines, aerodynamicist and so on. Holmon was maybe the first to fly to races in his private plane taking special guests, supporters, advertisers. Common now, ever so much less so then. Drivers and crew went by land as the races were more centralized than now. If one wonders how Charlotte became home to the many race teams look to H&M to see why.

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On 6/24/2021 at 3:48 PM, KJHburg said:

This Van Gogh immersion experience is drawing in tourists.  Closest locations to Charlotte would be Nashville or Orlando or Dallas or NYC.   Notice I did NOT mention Atlanta.

Immersive Van Gogh


It is in Atlanta as well.


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14 hours ago, theanonymousk said:

i’m sure similar things have been suggested…

but what about a designated tunnel for allowed graffiti & street art? maybe something like the leake street tunnel in london. i image it’d be a cool spot to go to in noda or south end or even uptown (though i’m not sure what potential locations would be)

Sad reality:
In London a graffiti tunnel is a cool and creative place to express yourself.

In America and Charlotte, a graffiti tunnel is where people are murdered.

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16 hours ago, KJHburg said:

Had to go way back to find this thread.  No culture in Charlotte?  I say no.  Just attended a backyard performance of the Opera Carolina in someone's backyard in the NoDa area.  There were about 65 people there.   It was great!   Bringing the arts to the backyards great work by Opera Carolina and the host.  The emcee of the event even explained why Opera sometimes is mis understood and how it is really lots of love stories mainly sung in Italian but also in English too. 










KJ, it was great having you and all the people over! 

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I know some of you don't like nascar but I just saw a commercial about the nascar all star race to be held in Texas.  I thought the all star race was part of the coca cola weekend in Charlotte.  It may be a little niche but Nascar is Charlotte culture.  NC frustrates me.  Embrace what you have; make ityour own.  Nashville leaned in to country music; some folks look down on it.  But they are laughing all the way to the bank.  Can someone explain it to me.  Last thing; why does Oklahoma City have a gasoline alley "district" and Charlotte doesn't.  Frustrating.....

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