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Lansing Demographics

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For the first time since maybe the 80's or early 90's, Lansing is estimated to have grown.  Anecdotally, if you've been on the ground, you feel it, too.  Let's see where this goes in 2020.




Rod Sanford {sodEmoji.|} Lansing State Journal

Lansing's population increases for second straight year


LANSING – The City of Lansing's population increased by 338 residents to 114,620 last year, according to estimated U.S. Census figures released Thursday.


The Census calculates estimates as of July 1 of each year and reported Lansing's population at 114,282 in 2013 and 114,250 in 2012.


2014 - 114,620

2013 - 114,282

2012 - 114,250

2011 - 114,270

2010 - 114,323



Looks like we may have finally turned a corner, and with all of the housing coming online, next year, I wouldn't be surprised to see number revised higher next spring.

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