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Dillon Stadium Redevelopment

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I know a bit more about this than Ill post right now but what is now publicly reported is that the stadium is going to be redeveloped


this started with an RFP and there has been some news on it but not a ton. 


there is a reported expansion NASL team coming to the area, and the name is semi officially Hartford City FC.


last night a logo was posted on various soccer sites because someone registered the trademark

this seems to confirm the Hartford City FC name

which I frekin love by the way

also, the logo is really fantastic


colors are Navy Blue and Gold


It features the colt onion dome



so the part that pertains to this forum.  The plan that I have heard in soccer circles, that is NOT by any means truth or fact... is that the owners are going to build a parking garage with retail in it down there and a key feature will be a soccer pub on site.  Id love to see some residential included in the parking, maybe wrapping it and above the retail




The stadium is being rebuilt too, but Im not sure how big or fancy that will be.  I know people are excited and I have heard more info I shouldnt share but this overall might be a great anchor for coltsville and another nice feature for the city. 

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