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YMCA Redevelopment

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Northland is proposing a new project for this site.


I have a ton of thoughts on this one...


1:  I am extremely pleased that Northland is back....  This to me means that they are not done in Hartford.   Remember that Larry G is from New London and he really wants the city to succeed.  People may be sour on him because his retail leasing has not been ideal and he has had foreclosures... but thats really minor compared to his continued interest.  Northland is a MAJOR company and we want their continued interest in Hartford.  Not everything they touch is gold, but we sure rather have him interested than not... also, Northland is a much larger and more powerful company today than it was 6 years ago. 


2: Not a fan of the actual proposal. 200 units...; YAY   7 floors... BOOO    

two floors of above ground garage?  over my dead body 


anyways, it needs help

also they are looking for w HUGE CRDA subsidy


3: again the ballpark was mentioned as a reason to invest in the city again


Also, I for the first time in ages looked at their website, its done some major updates, which I think is indication that they are coming out of their slumber as a company


to give some context


they bought 2 properties in Florida on Jan 13 totaling over 500 units 

February 20  they bought 2 commercial properties in Mass


April 15 they bought another Florida property containing 316 apartments  bringing their florida total up to 5,981 units


Also they are building a pretty huge property in Waltham Mass


The Merc is a mixed-use development in downtown Waltham.  It will feature 269 new residences in three five-story buildings on a 4.5 acre site, along with 27,500 square feet of retail space, a 300-car parking garage and 92 surface parking spaces.  The first phase of residential development will be completed the summer of 2015 with the full buildout of the project in 2016.

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