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Trump Tower Nashville|86 Stories|1152 Feet|Fantasy-Vision-Possibilty


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Donald Trump announced today that he will open a 5 Star Hotel and Casino in Nashville, Tennessee. The Donald as he is known in the celebrity and real estate world's has stated Nashville was ready for a 5 Star Property.


"I believe Nashville is ready for such a property, and since the Tennessee State Legislature lifted the casino ban, and is allowing me to build a casino away from the river, there is no reason this cannot start immediately. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Nashville. Now Ya'll come on down!"


The tower will be erected on the empty surface parking lot across from the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. On the other side of the street stands the Hilton Hotel. The lot borders 4th and third Avenues South.


Mayor Karl Dean offered insight into his excitement: "To have an 1152 foot 86 story tower in Nashville means we have arrived as a big city. This tower will be visible for miles and will server as a beacon for Nashville."


Members of the Nashville Chapter of www.urbanplanet.org, will serve as hosts to the private reception after the ground breaking. 


The tower will be in the shape of a giant cowboy boot with a large lasso waving from the top. The lasso will be an additional 1000 feet giving the building an official height of 2152 feet. The urban planet office will be affixed on top of the lasso. The lasso will be operable and will be able to lasso pretty much of anything in the immediate area.


Mayor Dean continued: "The lasso will be a great attraction for tourists who want to come to town to operate the lasso. Tickets for the lasso will be $100 but most people won't mind paying that to get a view from 2152 feet."


When asked, Mary a tourist from Arkansas added: "I cannot wait to come back and try the lasso! I wanna lasso my husband away from the strip bars along Murfreesboro road. He is such a varmit sometimes..."


Construction is slated to start August 2015 and the tower should be completed in August 2020. Lasso reservations are being taken now as this attraction should fill up fast.


Guests will park in a cowboy hat shaped parking garage. The Garage will have 5000 spaces, including room for horse stables and stagecoaches. 


Confederate currency and bit coin will also be accepted.


Mr. Trump added: "I want to get this started before the giant guitar shaped building gets started . I gotta' strike when the fire is hot, and boy Nashville is sure on fire!"


Hoss Cartwright and Associates will serve as the architects. Ancient Egyptian Constructors will be the contractor, and water abatement services will be handled by Noah, Ark, and associates.

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April fools? I know its a few months late but you cant be serious.


Not serious. I was making fun of Trump acting like he knows Nashville in that NBJ article. He has no idea what we are ready for, and he sees Nashville as the old stereotype I am afraid. (But yes, we could use a 5 Diamond rated property and more luxury brands catering to the clientele that are here for fine cuisine , the arts, and business.)


Karl Dean, although I really like him, spends every dime he sees, and coddles up to developers more than any mayor but overall he has been a good mayor.


Karl Dean sometimes has more interest in the tourist industry than the neighborhoods. I have never seen him on the East side addressing our issues.


That is basically what this parody was aiming at.


Seriously, that lot is ripe for development however.

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"Seriously, that lot is ripe for development however."


Couldn't agree more---I think it is one of the greatest potentials we have nestled right behind Broadway, and next to the Schermherhorn.  A 30-40 story structure there would help connect the CBD with all the tall buildings going in SoBro, and would make the skyline from the riverfront view in the next decade not look like it has a huge valley in it (created by the Broadway historical restrictions). From the Bridgestone Arena view along 5th Avenue, it would create great symmetry with the Hall of Fame Park, Schermerhorn and Pinnacle in the middle, and then the Bridgestone Tower complimenting on the far right. It would also look fantastic at the base coming down off the Shelby Street pedestrian bridge.

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I hope they never build a building in Nashville with the Trump name on it.  I don't know why, but I feel the need for a shower every time I see him talk.  I watched some of his announcement to run for president.  Really.  President.  Off topic. Sorry.  

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