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City Parks/Greenways


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21 hours ago, donNdonelson2 said:

I walk this area often. It IS beautiful!

First photo is shot from the Stones River Greenway bridge across the Stones River, about 200 yards before it empties into the Cumberland. The riverbank you see in the distance is the far side of the Cumberland (it’s a little hard to see in this late afternoon photo).


Great photos, @donNdonelson2.    I ride on the greenway out there all the time and this area is just beautiful.   I like that the proposed park tries to preserve the land in its natural state as much as possible.   


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A skateboard park, recreational access and 24-hour bathrooms. These are a few of the ideas community members have for Metro Nashville Parks Department as they plan Wharf Park -- a 25-acre downtown riverfront site adjacent to Rolling Mill Hill and Napier Sudekum. 

While some attendees of the community planning meetings held early this month left notes about their interest in tennis courts and kayak rentals, others left concerns about the people who live at the site.

“Homeless displacement,” and “Housing for the people living there,” were written on suggestion boards and maps. “Provide affordable housing for the currently unhoused.” 

OpenTable Nashville, a nonprofit working to end homelessness, estimates that nearly 100 people are stretched out along the banks at “Old Tent City.” 

But the Metro Park’s department has yet to receive funding for the park, said Tim Netsch, assistant director of the planning division at Metro Parks Department. 

Before they can secure funding, they have to have a final master plan, which gives the department a cost estimate. Netsch said he doesn’t expect the plan to be finalized until next spring or summer.

More at The Tennessean here:


Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 9.10.52 AM.png

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21 minutes ago, donNdonelson2 said:

I walked six+ miles today at Long Hunter State Park (Davidson County’s most easily overlooked state park-I always thought, until recently, it was in Wilson County.) it’s a day use park, except for some primitive lakeside camp sites. This weekend it will be host to a big Native American Pow Wow-always a fun event, if you’re looking for something to do on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.








Awesome.  Thanks dNd.  I’ve lived here all these many years and have never actually been to this park.   I definitely need to pay a visit! 

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Bryant Grove Trail is another of the park’s several trail offerings. It’s four miles one way to the Bryant Grove Recreation area, winding along at or near the Percy Priest shoreline. My photos today were from the Couchville Lake Loop Trail. It is a paved 2.2 mile easy hike/walk. This area features a picnic shelter with restrooms, playgrounds, fishing, and on many weekends they offer kayak rentals. NOTE: the Couchville Lake area does not permit pets, bikes, horses or swimming. Dogs are welcome on the nearby Volunteer Trail!

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