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Winston-Salem’s Architectural Heritage


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Comprehensive and unprecedented, “Winston-Salem’s Architectural-Heritage” is a book like no other in Camel City history. Providing historical context along with the meticulous research this project has produced a “must have” volume for Winston-Salem citizens. Our city has a rich, deep, and tumultuous history that is told in the built environment that we all occupy every day. From the ever-changing and evolving downtown, to East Winston’s storied neighborhoods and architecture, to Buena Vista’s timeless elegance this encyclopedic volume takes us to every corner of Winston-Salem, including many that have been forgotten or lost to the brutalities of time.

“Winston-Salem’s Architectural Heritage” is the culmination of an eight-year survey and research project paid for by the state Historic Preservation Office and the City of Winston-Salem.
Please note that the book is being sold for a reduced price of $40 until July 1st @ the City Dept. of Revenue office on the first floor of the Bryce Stuart Municipal Building on E. First Street. I also believe that Camel City News at 533 N. Spring St. is also honoring the reduced price.


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This book is 800 pages of shear delight.  The author and the staff that compiled the survey for this volume worked seven or eight years according to the acknowledgements  Winston-Salem is easily the most architecturally diverse city in the state.  No wonder the earliest members of the NCAIA hailed from the city.  I bought my copy at Camel City News week ago Saturday, and have a hard time putting it down.

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I think that is definitely the case. The owner at Camel City News told me that the author told him that only 1000 were printed first print, and the books were printed offshore, so there will undoubtedly be a second printing. The day of my purchase, I also tried the Hive, on South Cherry St, and Camel City Goods, in the West End, and both were sold out and told me they can't keep enough on the shelves.

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