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UALR's New Brand


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The UALR's athletic department has released a new logo for the department. It has dropped any mention of the University of Arkansas and is going with Little Rock. The new website is now LRTrojans.com the official website of #LittleRocksTeam.  One has to wonder if this is the first step to pull out of the University of Arkansas system.



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I watched part of the Little Rock vs DePaul basketball game on Fox Sports Saturday night and the Trojans were referred to as Little Rock with no mention of the U of A connection. Anyway it was a beat down by LR and they are now 8-0. During the broadcast they were saying that LR might be the basketball story of the year with 10 new players, a new coach and undefeated at this time. LR also has a RPI rating of 10 and is ranked 2nd in the mid-major rankings behind Gonzaga.

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To expand this topic beyond sports branding my question is will UALR breakaway from the U of A system in the future. In a recent interview with Jimmy Moses he talks about making LR a great city and he thinks the university should be in the forefront. His idea is for the university to align itself with the tech park and open a satellite campus in downtown. He also said that to people outside of Arkansas UALR means nothing but most people recognize Little Rock. Is it time for LRU to return?

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UALR announced today that its logo and abbreviated name has been changed. The new name will no longer be UALR but UA Little Rock. This goes along with the sports department change last year to the LR Trojan's.

New logo


Now the question arises is what will be the new name of Pulaski Tech when it completes its change over to the University of Arkansas system.

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