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I'm fascinated by how much redevelopment we are seeing along 17-92 north of downtown.   It seems like a BRT or even light rail line would be warranted eventually.  


Corridor Length: 5.5 Miles (Sybelia in Maitland to SR 50 in Orlando)

Current Transit Condition: Fixed Route Bus ~ 1:15 travel time.  No single route from end to end 


North to South:


* Maitland Station (SunRail, mixed use development, Uptown Maitland senior center)

* Maitland City Centre (City Hall, Mixed Use)

* Lake Lily (Maitland Cultural Corridor, The Village at Lake Lily)

* Ravadauge, (plus Future K-Mart plaza redevelopment, Unicorp project)

* Winter Park Village (WP Village, Trader Joes plaza, Walking distance to major LYNX transfer hub at Webster/Denning)

* Orange & 17-92 (Not a lot here to be honest)

* Loch Haven Park (museums, events)

* Mills Park (mixed use, transfer to potential E/W Baldwin/Audubon/Leu Gardens/Ivanhoe connector along Virginia)

* Weber Street (central stopping point in Mills/50

* SR 50 (southern end, transfer to LYNX routes; Downtown Orlando


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