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Corporate Relocations - Rumors, Speculation, and Announcements


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Being the "Coffee House", I thought it would be okay to start this thread here, as it would doubtlessly be a forum for much fantasy and speculation.  But as "they" say, a little speculation with a lot of feasibility makes it possible, or even likely. 


Having said that, I thought I'd start this one by asking if anyone in Nashville has heard anything about Aetna moving its HQ to Nashville, specifically Brentwood?  It is based in Connecticut, and has much of its business in the healthcare (insurance) realm. Three years ago, it bought Coventry which was started in Nashville for $7 billion.  As far as I know there are no historic ties of the company to Tennessee, but I have heard from three difference sources in my field (health industry law) that it is being discussed in the corridors of HQ and the state house in Hartford. 

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I've heard rumblings of a number of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies wishing to increase their presence in Nashville.  Aetna is one of them.


Quite a few of these companies are headquartered in states that aren't exactly financially friendly to large corporations. And others are in states that aren't friendly to their business itself. Take Beretta, for instance. They've moved all of their manufacturing from Maryland to a state more willing to have them, and I could see their headquarters moving south soon, too.


A third company I could see making a move would be Volkswagen. Their North American HQ is up here in Herndon, VA. They already have a corporate presence in New Jersey, just a couple of hours up the road, and it would benefit to be near their largest operation in the United States.

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Amedisys is considering relocating corporate offices outside of Baton Rouge. Nashville and New Orleans are the two cities in the running for said health care company. Needing to be in a hub city with better air service is the main reason for the move. Nashville is the frontrunner and we should know any day now.

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